Eye Brow Threading

Love the perfect pair of your eyebrows?
Why not try threading, the ancient art of hair removal.
Threading is an ancient art of removing the hair that originated from Asia. It defines and shapes the eyebrow, while kinder to the skin. Threading has become popular and preferred method for shaping eyebrow.
Threading is fast, less painful than other hair removing methods as no heat or chemicals are applied. Thread made of pure, thin cotton, which grabs unwanted hair, leaving your eyebrows cleaner and defined.

Tinting is a mini make over treatment for your brow and lashes. Tinting is a great way to give definition and add depth to the colour of eyebrow and lashes on a temporary basis. The treatment is quick, simple and it is very beneficial for clients with fair or light hair. Our clients love the impact tinting their brows and lashes make overall.(Patch test is necessary 48 hours prior the first tinting treatment)